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ACDx is a disruptive platform solution that enables customers to unleash the full potential of their MRI systems.

Combined with its Cloud-based Analysis & Reporting, the Company also provides workflow & operational optimizaton expertise services to further enhance MRI performance.

is a patented, novel approach to solving image-impairing artifacts - the contaminating effects of high field strength MRI and body motions.

Today, the current gold standard for MRI Gating is failing at high field strengths (1.5T and higher), is designed for cardiac MRI only and has never provided patient safety monitoring at a diagnostic-quality level.

Using patented signal separation algorithms, combined with proprietary data acquisition sensors, ACDx supports Neuro, Cardio & Vascular exams with the following capabilities:

  • Precision Gating
  • Diagnostic-quality ECG,
  • Blood flow and volume monitoring during MRI and MRA

This high-quality information is also valuable for use in Big Data applications.