ACDxis a patented, novel and validated approach to reducing or eliminating MRI & Body-motion artifacts.

As a result, ACDx provides diagnostic-quality ECG and blood-flow data, during scans, to enable:

  • Clearer images
  • Reliable HRV, Arrhythmia & Ischemia monitoring
  • Flexible (ECG or Blood-flow) trigger points
  • Contrast agent triage or reduction
  • Synchronized Image & Functional data for informed assessments

ACDx goes beyond current MRI Gating/Monitoring systems to provide these same capabilities for Cardio, Vascular & Brain exams.

"ECG distortion (influenced by artifacts) can lead to overlooked or misinterpreted cardiac events" ​
- National Center for Biomedical Imaging​​

​ACDx provides reliable, diagnostic-quality ECG and blood flow monitoring during scans,  

even during arrhythmic & ischemic events.

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