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Our Healthcare’s transforming landscape is driven by demands from government, industry leaders & patients to find sustainable solutions. At the top of this list is the need for:

  • Shorter scan times
  • Reduced costs 
  • Improved Quality of Care 


"ECG distortion (during MRI) can lead to overlooked or misinterpreted cardiac events" 

 - National Center for Biomedical Imaging​​

​ACDx facilitates the power of MRI to solve distortion issues and deliver financial & clinical benefits.

 Financial benefits:
Reduce MRI test times by up to 50%
Increase MRI throughput by 10-30%
Offset need for additonal MRI systems
Robust, rich data Informatics
Generate new MRI revenues

                   Clinical benefits:
Patient safety monitoring for arrhythmia & ischemia
Monitor head-neck injury sedation, pediatric & stroke patients during MRI scans    
Blood flow & volume metrics during vascular (MRA) studies
Reduce need for contrast agents
Correlate Image & Physiologic data for improved decision support